In this post, you'll discover why most entrepreneurs start a business with great enthusiasm and confidence, and then hit a wall and lose track of where they were going.

You'll also learn the antidote and solution to this problem.

The Problem

You have an idea ... maybe it's for a new business or a new product or service ... and it's really exciting.  In your mind, you're already successful and you're already counting the money ... some people are already spending the money 🙂

It feels like nothing can stand in your way ... except that you're not exactly sure how you're going to bring it all into reality.

And ...

There are also some obstacles in your way that will prevent you from achieving your dream outcome.

This means that even though you want to succeed, and even though you will invest money and time ... you wont hit your target.

The Solution

The solution is that you need to know exactly what you want and exactly how you're going to get it, exactly what your obstacles are and how you're going to overcome them.

Often people can't tell me exactly what they want.

And they can't tell me exactly how they're going to get what they're not exactly sure they want 😀

If they do have an exact plan, I get them to list out the obstacles ... both known and unknown.

Known Obstacles

These are things like (a) I don't know how to differentiate my product or service, or (b) not enough capital, or (c) don't know how to run facebook ads, or (d) not sure how to optimise a sales funnel.

Each of these has a solution, but if you don't know exactly how to achieve your goals, you wont even know which obstacles to find solutions for.

Unknown Obstacles

These are the unknowns ... and in business there are a lot of obstacles you don't know about.  

And most important are the things within you that stop you from achieving your goals.  

Some people call these 'limiting beliefs' and I've come to discover that most people are full of them, without being able to describe or define what they are.

They know there is something inside holding them back ... but they can't quite put their finger on it.

It is essential to be able to put your finger on it and describe exactly what is holding you back ... and also be able to dissolve these issues once and for all.

When you do this, everything begins to flow in the direction you want to go.

In fact, when you make the shift from having an exciting idea ... to a commitment to an outcome that you can precisely define and know exactly how to achieve ... then you become driven and focussed.

And when you can dissolve the internal obstacles that would otherwise be holding you back, you then have a confident determination that you will succeed.

And that's why this post is called Profit Starts in the Mind.

Because that's where the solution is.

  • Define your exact outcome ... in your mind.
  • Know exactly how to achieve it ... in your mind.
  • Know the obstacles and how to dissolve them ... in your mind.
  • Take consistent action ... in a framework of critical reflection ... in your mind.

When you do this in business ... profit happens.

X10 Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have many skills, but one core skillset ... being able to find clients or customers, profitably.

Your entrepreneurial idea must include a way for you to find and attract those clients or customers.

  • Your goal must include details about your clients and customers.
  • Your plan must include the exact steps you'll take to acquire those clients or customers.
  • Your plan must include the exact steps you'll take to overcome the obstacles to finding and acquiring those clients or customers.

This is where the X10 Entrepreneur Intensive comes in.

  • You will learn to define your ideal outcome in a way that inspires you and drives you to success.
  • You'll develop the exact plan required to achieve your success.
  • You'll identity and dissolve the internal obstacles to your success.
  • And you'll use X10 Thinking to make all this happen.

This is why we say X10 Entrepreneurs turn audacious goals into remarkable commitments they are certain they will achieve.